Complete 50 games in 2016

So, Over the past few years I have bought literally hundreds of games and only completed 1. Yeah, it was only Dragon Age Inquisition that I saw through to the end. So this year I am determined to finish 50 games from my Steam and Xbox One library.

50 may not seem like a lot to some people – but truth be told, I have a job, a like and a relationship. So completing 50 is going to be a stretch. So I’m going to try and avoid a lot of the 200 hour mammoth games and I won’t be going for the obsessive 100% completion, though if the game is good I’ll give it a try.

I’ll be using this blog to review each of the games as I finish them and occasionally I’ll be twitch streaming (when my adult acne isn’t flaring up or I’m not drunk and chatting shit)

On twitch, twitter and steam I am WellMax81 – come find me and follow this.. unless of course you think this is lame and you have zero interest…