I seem to be making a habit of apologising for not updating my blog at the start of each update. And this is no different. Sorry. Oops. My bad.

So a couple of weeks ago, I started to calorie count again and in my first 7 days of my new diet, I’d lost 4lbs. Loosing 4lbs is great – well no it isn’t – because I’m yo-yo-ing. Basically, and I’m going to be super honest about this – I’ve managed to get right back up to where I was (nearly) you can see from my little ticker, that my overall weight loss is 7lbs. Which isn’t bad – though it is bad for a couple of years worth of dieting. So, how am I doing it this time? Well, the girls at work are all over Slimming World, a diet which my all accounts, I simply do no understand. However, the truth is the the people who I know who have done Slimming World do actually lose weight, and they manage to keep it off. Suffice to say, I don’t like the idea of going to so silly AA style meeting and stand up in front of people and declare “Hi, I’m Ant and this week I ate two helpings of bread and butter pudding”. (I did actually eat 2 helpings – with extra cream – it made me feel a bit sick)

One thing I do understand from the girls is that for some, staying on track is about having someone to answer too – and the meetings are a great idea for this – you get weighed on a calibrated scales and you get praise – and I’m sure it’s not sarcastic in the slightest “Oh Una, you’ve done SO well, half a pound – GOOD FOR YOU” or if you’re like me, every two weeks you get the tuts and the Mary Berry stare – “It was the bread and butter pudding, wasn’t it?”. “yes, miss”. When I was going to Cambridge each week, on the rare weeks I did put a few pounds on, I could feel the sheer disappointment. So I guess going to Slimming Cult works.

For me, I weigh every Friday. I started back at 16st 13 and a week later I was 16-9 and some change. I’ve been obsessively calorie counting – made some amazing carrot and cumin soup, each portion is only 140 calories (and that’s a large portion) and literally pulling packets out of the bin that I forget to scan into my fitness Pal. I’ve also been using Strava to track calorie burn from my daily bike ride to work. The next plan of action is to get back into the gym. I’ve contemplated running outside, but it’s now “pissing it down” season and I’d much rather a treadmill. No fancy getting big and bulky. Right now it’s about getting 2/3 inches off my 38″ waist and to do this through cardio and ensuring I’m at a calorie deficit. Seems easy? Well the new gym I just opened doesn’t open for a month, so until then I’m just watching what I eat. Watch this space.