I’m in serious danger of being labelled an “Apple fanboy” with this post – so I’m going to open with a simple truth. My current phone is the HTC One (M7), I have had the phone since the day it came out (March 2013). My previous was an iPhone 4S.

My phone has a higher resolution than the iPhone 6 sporting a full 1080p display on a 4.7 inch screen. I’ve got 2gb RAM and 32gb storage. My phone has NFC and a pretty decent camera.

So, why am I going back to Apple?
Simple really – because each and every bell and whistle that comes with the HTC and other Android devices needs a third party app. I’ve had conflicting software that had led to crashing on the system and I’ve even had a bloody virus. Not that Android isn’t great. It’s got far more flexibility than iOS, you can do a lot more with it – if you can take the time to find out how; and frankly I can’t be bothered. I went to Android because I wanted a bigger screen. I was bored with iOS and wanted to be able to customise my phones look and feel, though looking at sites on how to do this game me a massive headache and when I saw a lot of the customisations, I didn’t like them.
With iOS, everything is in one place. With ApplePay, NFC technology might actually become usable. UK Businesses didn’t give a shit about NFC – In fact Transport for London is implementing an NFC phone enabled solution TOMORROW! (16.09.14) (http://www.nfcworld.com/2014/07/25/330604/london-underground-accept-nfc-payments/)- So whats was the point in having NFC if it just sits there as yet another battery drainer?
Another reason why I’m going back to Apple is that basically, everything I need is in one place. I download Google Hangouts and suddenly I’m getting text messages to both hangouts and the HTC messages app. It’s the simplicity of iOS that makes it appealing to people – and that’s just part of the reason. Frankly as I’ve written this blog I’ve actually got bored. Sorry.