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I don’t really know how to start this update – because so much has happened – well sort of.

I had some nasty man-flu last week and as soon as I got over it, it was my birthday, so partied HARD -and then as soon as that was over, I was back to being congested and feeling like complete bollocks. – Always good to start with the excuse, but the truth is I’ve not been to the gym in nearly 10 days – which is really shit of me, because right up until that point I have been doing so well. — It’s not to say that I’m at a standstill, I’ve not got to get back into the habit, so it becomes part of my routine again. I’ve 30 days away from flying to San Fran, so really need to kick it up a gear.

So, rather than talk about where it’s all gone to shit, I’ll turn the clock back to just before I got poorly.

The training plan that I’d uploaded on my previous blog has been working a treat – I think, It’s always hard to really see any real changes in your body when you’re training because, I’ve found them to be so slight. I keep telling myself that I need to learn to be patient and to be disciplined.. if you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know that I’ll irritate myself with all that crap.

One thing that I’ve come to appreciate is that training is hard. If you see a muscle guy in his 30s and he’s not taking any anabolic steroids – then you need to respect that cunt, because believe me – it takes fucking ages and you need to be so disciplined when it comes to lifestyle outside of the gym – getting that balance between bulking and cutting right is a ballache – not drinking alcohol – calorie counting – making sure that you’re eating “the right foods”, it’s just a nightmare. Anyway – so now that I’ve got that moan out the way – before I’d had my little break from training (slap wrist), I’d made a decision, as it’s coming to the final laps before I hit the states, I really need to up the fat burn – so rather than replace some strength training, I’ve decided to add extra cardio to my plan. So this is what the latest training plan looks like:

Monday Chest/Back Spinning
Tuesday Legs/Core REST
Wednesday Shoulders/Traps Spinning
Thursday Spinning Running
Saturday Arms/Core REST

I’ve been thinking about taking up things like Yoga, or some sort of Boxercise – still it’s just an idea. Need some way to channel my stress.