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The last couple of weeks, since I’ve not written much here, have been very much up and down – but full of those realisations that I’d be aware of, but not fully appreciated.

So, if you’ve been looking at the ticker, I’d had a good week and even though I’d come off the Cambridge Diet and started to fast 2 days a week, I’d found that I’d lost another 5lbs. This is the first time that I’d lost weight, but I was really not pleased. I did feel that it was literally too much. In the last few weeks I’ve been yo-yoing and I’d be feeling that because of the lack of consistency with my weight loss, I’d not been doing my health much good whatsoever. So when I came back from Barcelona, I’d decided that it was time to quick the shakes and to get my arse into a gym.

So this weekend I joined a gym. I have become the thing I hate. I even ordered protein, BCAAs and some caffeine tablets.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been reading a lot of stuff about training, I’ve always had a friend with my (usually one who like steroids, a path which I do not want to find myself going down) – but this journey isn’t one that I want to take seriously. No cheating – I’m not going to say I wont have a drink or two from time to time, but I think that goals have to be realistic.

If you want to read more on this (and I really do suggest that anyone who is thinking of embarking on a training programme does) Then why not take a look at the book, Bigger, Leaner, Stronger by Mike Matthews – available on Amazon (both in print and ebook) For those of the female persuasion, He also write a book specifically for the female physique (I haven’t read it, for obvious reasons) – but it’s available here

So, now that we’ve got the promo stuff out the way – Mike Suggests the following training regime. Each day is “superset” and should be attempted 3 times. – but there are only 4-6 reps in each set, but the weights used are heavier. The training plan for 5 days is as follows – and according to Mike, should not take more than 60 mins – which is good, because I don’t really want to live in the gym.

Day One – Chest and Abs

Flat Bench Press (warm up sets and 3 working sets)

Incline Bench Press (3 sets)

Dip (Chest Variation) (3 sets)

Cable Crunch (3 sets)

Captain’s Chair leg Raise (3 sets)

Air Bike (3 sets)


Day Two – Back and Calves

Barbell Deadlift (Warm up sets and 3 working sets)

One-Arm Dumbbell row (3 sets)

Close-grip Lat Pulldown (3 sets)

Seated or standing calf raise (6 sets)

Day Three – Shoulders

Seated barbell Military press (warm up and 3 working sets)

Side lateral Raise – 3 working sets

Bent-over Rear Delt Raise – 3 working sets

Barbell Shrugs – 3 working sets


Day 4 – Legs

Barbell Squat (warm up sets and 3 working sets)

Leg Press – 3 working sets

Romanian Deadlift (3 working sets)

Day 5 – Arms and Abs

Alternating Dumbbell curl (warm up sets and 3 working sets)

Triceps pushdown (warm up sets and 3 working sets)

Barbell Curl – 3 working sets

Seated Triceps Press – 3 working sets

Cable Crunch – 3 sets

Captain’s Chair leg raise – 3 sets

Air Bicycles – 3 sets

Day 6 – CARDIO ( 1hr)

 Day 7 – REST

The hardest part of this to begin with is going to be getting out of bed and getting to the gym as to maximise the fat burn, I need to train in a fasted state – basically, not have eaten for at least 6 hours. So in my head, I’ve got this ludicrous idea that I would be able to be at the gym for 6.30 and out by 7.30 – home for 7.50/8am and on the bike to work. In theory this could work, I just need to work it into a routine.

I’ve been saying on twitter that I want to become one of those morning people. Morning people always seem more responsible, sorted and get a lot more done, than night-people. The irony is that I prefer morning sex – though I also like to go back to sleep when I’m done. Lets see how this goes.

I’ve been building up my gym “attendance” starting with a few cardio sessions, and have been doing squats and press ups at home to build up some strength – as for some reason I’m really concerned about making a tit out of myself, it’s not the injuring myself that I’m worried about, it’s looking like a twat if I do.

I’ve also been getting advice from people about the sorts of foods that I should be eating. The say that there is tons of conflicting information out there is literally an understatement. When it comes to diet, it’s really hard to be able find some clarity – Some people go for the Paelo (caveman) option, but this is really hard to keep up. It can also get really expensive – have you seen the price of an organic steak? exactly. Cutting out carbs can be great for quick weight loss, but as recently shown in the BBC Horizon documentary “Fat Vs. Sugar”, cutting out carbs can result in both the loss of fat and the loss of muscle in equal measure.. and can actually lead to Diabetes. – The Cambridge Diet (and other meal replacement diets DO work – there’s no way of getting around the fact that if you cut to 450 calories a day, you’ll loose weight) but if you’re like me and only needed to loose a couple of stone, then it goes back on in an eighth of the time it came off. The way I see it, the faster weight sheds, the quicker is regrows. If I’d lost just 2lb in a week a couple of months ago, I would have been pissed off. Funny how with a little education things change.

So what am I afraid of? To be honest, like anyone embarking on what needs to be something a little more concrete than loosing a few pounds – I’m afraid of failure. I’m afraid of falling off the wagon. I’m at my happiest when I’m eating – Oprah defines herself as a “food addict”, and that’s exactly me. I could eat until there isn’t any space to fit any more. It’s gotten that bad in the past. But then I think about my physical achievements, what I’ve been able to do and I have to keep that in the forefront of my mind- and most importantly, it needs to become habit. Going to the gym needs to be ‘just something that I do’ and no fanfare, no checking into the gym in facebook… none of that look at me, look at me, it’s just going for a workout and then going home.

I do need to find a gym partner though. My brother fell at the first hurdle.

Part two of this will be posted later this week – where I’ll be looking at things like supplements and realistic expectations.