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(Anthony Maxwell and Alex Benthem, January 31st 2014)

I’d be planning this holiday for ages – starving myself, trying to be fit and all that crap, and four days I was there went by so quickly I forgot to take a few steps back and appreciate all the hard work. But who cares, really? I had a great time with my long time friend Alex and we did some partying like the old days. Unfortunately, unbeknown to us, we’d also gotten old and as I write this, I am literally dying at my desk after a few days of being back. Rather than ask myself “Will I ever learn”, I’d rather just say “Mum, I’ve learnt my lesson”.

So, this is a blog primary about how fat I am and how my willpower is equal to that of a junkie. So here’s the beef – I drunk so much beer. I’m not normally a beer drinker, but when in Rome… or Spain… we drunk beer like it was going out of fashion €3 for a bucket of 5 beers. We’ll have one each, thanks! — and then there was the vodka, the Jägermeister, the snacks.. and the McRib! Yes, they have McRib in Barcelona. Now.. Who is going to work with me to get McDonald’s to bring it back to the UK?

I was happy though that I’d managed to fit into some slimmer fitting clothes that I’d taken with me while I was away, you’ll have to forgive the retarded look on my face, but I was pretty much off my tits at this point.


I’d like to report on my weight, but the truth is that I’m really afraid to step on the scales. Last Thursday BEFORE I  left, I’d put on a few pound (but that was because the night before my weigh in I decided to have an all day breakfast with extra black pudding – bit stupid, I know) So tomorrow is a weigh in and it’s going to be like starting all over again. Though it’s not really, as I will be joining Bannatynes Gym on Saturday 15th Feb (Once I’ve got some more cash as I’m proper broke at the moment)

So after the weekend I’m going to start my renewed regime and will start reporting on a training plan that I’m looking to follow. I will most likely not be going back onto the Cambridge Weight Plan as the success I had with it was undone in less than an eighth of the time. This really is an uphill battle – and what I’ve come to learn is something that I already knew. It’s NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle. I have had a fat lifesyle and now I need to have a healthy one. I just don’t know how any more. I’ve been getting mixed messages from so many places. Everyone has an opinion I’ve been reading books, looking at recipes, but the truth is I’m still pretty clueless at times. Or maybe, just maybe I do know what I need to do, I’m just making excuses and I really need a massive kick up the arse.