It’s amazing how after a short period of time on the Cambridge Diet, after you’ve gotten through the hunger pangs, and the runny poo and the headaches have gone it’s weird how my relationship with food changes. I don’t see food as “food”, I see it as numbers, calories, carbs, protein… I don’t see that French stick with the nice ham off the bone with the good butter, I see 1,000 calories (at least). My obsession is turning into a real fear.

Last night I had a ham salad for my tea with some dressing. It clocked in at around 300 calories. I was quite bothered by the fact that I’d eaten it, and not stuck to the Sole Source plan. I’ve been afraid of touching “real food” during the week because I’m scared that it may actually result in my gaining weight, but the truth is that If I’m having a 800 calorie day, walking 4 miles a day – I’m still going to lose something.

So, I’ve been really pleased with my progress over the last 2 1/2 weeks, I’m starting to feel thinner, and yes, the shirts are fitting much better. So things are really moving forward.

But what happens at the end of this diet? When I started this in October, I just wanted to lose the weight, and now that I’m back to where I was before Christmas got in the way, I’m now thinking about what I do when I reach my goal weight.

When I lost a lot of weight before, I looked pretty damn ill. The reason was because I wasn’t building any muscle – the annoyance was that I still was unable to loose the fat around my belly and my love handles – I’d go to the gym, but focus on running, because running wasn’t something I could be told “you’re doing it wrong”.

I’ve been reading about where to do from here. Coming off Cambridge is going to be massive shock to my system and I’d want to be off it within the next 5 weeks – so what to replace it with? I toyed with the idea of the 5-2, and that’s great, but I would like to try and make the most of my physical appearance and so I’m playing around with the idea of getting back into training. it’ll involve facing my fears of being looked at funny like in the gym. I’ve never felt really comfortable, but that’s my problem. I would say proudly how I hated gyms, but that’s not the fault of those who go there, it’s my own confidence issues, which I need to face – head on.

At the moment, the idea is a seed that’s going to grow.. and this is one of the articles that I’ve read that’s inspired me: http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2011/06/13/60-pounds-overweight-to-6-pack-abs/


Oh and this is my 100th Post to this blog. Thank you to all those who keep coming back and hello to new readers 🙂