In a week where we finally learned the truth about the recent UK flooding (it was gay marriage) and my partner and I starting to think seriously about where we would want to relocate to when we leave Manchester in 2015, my diet really went from strength to strength.

After my run last tuesday – and I haven’t run since then, I was in real pain the following day.. and the day after that.. and the day after that. I did continue (and still am) to walk everywhere, but I’d found myself having a boiled chicken breast from time to time, in place of a Cambridge pack, to really increase the protein which I would hope would help repair my poor legs.

On Friday, I had my weigh in and I’d lost 3.75lbs as per the scales at my work competition. I’d finally made it down to 15st 13lbs – Which I was really pleased about.

Friday night I had a bottle of wine, but skipped dinner which was a bit stupid, so after a 4.5 mile walk over my my Cambridge Weigh in, I’d gone down to 15st 11lbs.

So this is getting a bit confusing, so here’s a run down of my progress since Christmas.

Biggest Loser Work Competition Loss/Gain Cambridge Consultant Loss/Gain
3rd Jan 16st 7.5lbs 7th Jan 16st 9lbs
10th jan 16st 3lbs -4.5lbs 11th Jan 16st 7lbs -2lbs (3 days)
17th Jan 15st 13.25lbs -3.75lbs 18th Jan 15st 11lbs -10lbs

The numbers are sort of all over the place, so for fairness, I’m going to carry on with the scales at work for the competition as everyone is using the same scales – but the good news is that I’m now under 16stone. So I’m well on my way to hitting my target of 15st 7lbs for 31st January and my goal weight of 14st. 7lbs.