So after my first day of increasing my activity this week, I can tell you  simply. I am feeling brilliant – which is surprising to me because yesterday I’d actually burned more calories (516) than what I consumed (455). I know that my body has entered a state of ketosis because I have felt like this in the past. So it’s full steam ahead.

I have also started to do some exercise at home too. Yesterday I gave Xbox Fitness a go, which I was really impressed by. I just did a quick 10 minute “belly blast” workout, and if I’m honest, because of my waves of belly fat, 10 minutes was more than enough. Though I am happy that I was able to finish it.

I’m thinking of finally going on that run tonight that I’ve been talking about for ages. I really need to get my arse into gear. It’s kinda like going to the gym; I’m fine once I’m there, but it’s the initial going that I seem to have problems with.

I know also that it is not recommended to do strenuous exercise on the Cambridge Diet, but I wonder, now that my body is using fat as it’s primary source of energy that any cardio that I do will draw energy from these fat stores.

The clock is ticking. Fuck it, I’m going running tonight.