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I made a decision this weekend to literally step up with the walking, partly because it’s precursor to getting back into running and secondly it burns more calories – just how many more came as a bit of a shock this morning, when I walked to work (it’s about 1.9 miles) and I burned 276 calories. – Now this number isn’t entirely accurate because I think the app was set to running and it wasn’t until I’d walked half a mile when I realised – In theory it shouldn’t make to much of a difference in the way the app works (Runtastic Pro) – but tonight when I walk back I should have a more accurate reading.

Suffice to say, I should be burning a good 500 calories a day just through walking to and from work. It’s easy at the moment as we’ve had a break in the persistent rain, however this afternoon we’re forecast for some – it’ll probably land minutes before I leave the office.

I’m going to see how this affects my loss this week, because if I’m consuming 500 calories and burning that through just walking to and from work – add to the that additional water I’m drinking, there’s a good chance I could fit into that shirt. (with room for a fry up in the hotel before I fly to Spain)

Lets see, Watch this space