I’ve just come from the 2nd weigh in of the week and since Tuesday evening I’ve lost 2lbs (as per the Cambridge Consultant’s scales) – So I’m either 16st 7lbs or 16st 3lbs – The lower is what the scales at work as part of our biggest loser competition is saying – and this is the figure I’ve been using on MyfitnessPal (add me anthonyjohnmaxwell, if you’re also a user) – So the good news is that the gap between the scales has dropped from 7lbs to 4lbs. At least I know that at my heaviest I’m now 16½ stone – Which is great – I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m on the right track.

I’ve decided to bin the Oat So Simple too and stick to a strict Cambridge Regime. Even though the OSS is creamy and perfectly gorgeous as a breakfast, I feel that it’s blocking my body from entering into ketosis and hindering my progress. So today I picked up a weeks worth of food. I’ve not had any breakfast today as I didn’t want to eat before my weigh in this morning. But I’ll have a shake for my lunch, and will have a high protein meal tonight with the bf.

I’m pleased with my water consumption, but I’ve only been good the last couple of days and I think my body is retaining some of it, so we’ll have to see next week if I’ve made any more progress there.

Hope you all have a healthy and portion controlled weekend and i’ll update this again on Monday