One of the most annoying personality traits of mine is my lack of patience. I don’t want to wait 2 fucking years for Star Wars Episode 7 and I don’t want to have to see my weight drop gradually. I, However, do not have the cash to ask a doctor to suck the fat out of me – so here I am. Today I got weighed and since Last Friday (on these scales) I have lost 4.5lbs, which is great. I’d be at a -5lb on Tuesday evening so, it’s a little bitter sweet – bit I’ve been drinking tons more water and my body has probably retained some of it. But I can make all the excuses I want – however, 4.5lb is not something to turn my nose up at.

I’m not going to say that the last week has been easy,  because it’s not. I know it’s the first week and all, but I am obsessing about food, I’m constantly hungry and whereas my energy levels are fine, I’m having trouble keeping a positive attitude. Last night my brother had Chicken Fajitas for his dinner, and they smelled fucking amazing – it’s like food torture because when I turn to look at my pathetic Cambridge sachet, I just think what da fuck man.

Truth be told, I’m not going to give up. I’m just having a low moment. I’m frustrated and I’m tired. I need to learn to be patient because it will come.

This morning I tried on a shirt that I’d ordered from Next. It’s lovely, but a bit tight around the middle. If I loose at least another half stone and it should fit perfectly – and I need it to fit before I go to Spain, so I’ve got a target now. Friday Jan 31st to Be 15st 7lbs in 3 weeks (that’s an average loss off 3.33lbs per week) but it’s only possible if I stick with this and learn to be patient.

Tomorrow morning I’m getting weighed again when I visit my Cambridge Consultant, I’m a little concerned about the discrepancy in the scales. There’s still a lot of confusion, so for now I’m going to measure my success by how the shirt fits!