After not sleeping a whole lot last night, I went to work on a mission. I wanted to check the scales on a hard floor; because it was bugging me that there was a half stone discrepancy yesterday. So After zooming into work on my bike, I got back on the scales where we normally weigh ourselves – and it was 16st 2lb (same as it was last night) – so we took the scales into the disabled toilet and tried again – same weight 16st 2lbs.  – hmm, perhaps they increase the weight on the scales to make you stay on the diet longer (thus making more commission – It’s not an entirely improbable idea.

Anyway, today was a good day for water – As part of my new wanting to be fit as well as thin (and also being pretty broke after Christmas, I’m having Oat So Simple porridge for breakfast for the next couple of weeks – it was heavenly; and just so you know, the nutritional difference is:

OSS (golden syrup) with 180ml of skimmed milk: 198 calories – Carbs – 33g

Cambridge Apple and Cinnamon with Water: 143 Calories – Carbs 16g

So the difference isn’t massive, there is always the risk that it may stop me from going into Ketosis, but I am going to do my first run tomorrow night and even though you’re not supposed to be doing any strenuous cardio on Cambridge because of the 550 calories you have each day, I really think the extra carbs may help (or not, who knows) – but I don’t want saggy bits – plus when I was running before I had proper sexy muscular legs.

If I find that doing this is really not doing me any favours then of course I’ll stop. (or give up)

Anyway, since we’re on Week One Take Two, I’ve basically been shitting through the eye of a needle today. I’ve kept up on my water consumption and as I write this I’m on the equivalent of 10 glasses. Honestly, I couldn’t keep that up if it wasn’t for the water flavourings.

So, back to the conspiracies – a woman from my work is doing Slimming World and she went last night and based on her weight from last Friday, she was 5lbs heavier! Even though many people in the office have said that the scales we’re using all match (give or take a pound) the ones they have at home.

Something isn’t right – so the girls got some bags of sugar and decided to weight them and guess what – the weight was perfect. I didn’t witness this, but I’m going to check tomorrow myself and take some photos and share them on here.

Lunch was Chinese Chilli Soup – Which I’m now having with a teaspoon so it feels like I’m eating more lol

I’ve not had my shake yet – will probably wait till about 8pm as I don’t want to go to bed hungry..

Anyway – the scales drama continues – I’ll let you know how it pans out and if all those slimming clubs are taking the piss by making people feel heavier than they actually are!!!

Till next time sexy people 🙂