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I’ll cut straight the the chase. I have managed to pile on a whopping 10lbs since mid December – half of that was probably in the last 10 days.

When I stepped on the scales today for my initial weigh in as part of our works Biggest Loser competition this morning I was dreading it. I knew that I’d put weight on because my desk has started to become a support for my belly. I was relieved that I’d not undone all the good work that I’d done before Christmas tho – I didn’t want to be close to 17st – and I was 16st 7.5lbs (though .5 is probably my clothing) – I didn’t fancy stripping down in front of our receptionist.

So this work weight loss competition is basically taking place between now and the end of February and in that time I’ve given myself a target of 20lbs. On Cambridge that is more than doable. My partner is also on a diet too – though not as drastic as Cambridge, he’s kick starting it by going low-carb before going back onto the 5-2.

So – now that I’ve got my new base weight it’s full steam a head.

I started back on my Cambridge yesterday morning and when I was making my Apple and Cinnamon porridge I felt proper sick – not because it smells like a sweaty armpit, but because I just knew that I had a week of hunger pains, headaches and dreaming of ham sandwiches to look forward too. But it did go okay – I need to get myself booked in for a colonic at the end of the month before I visit my best mate in Barcelona too – I’m sure I’ve got half a Christmas pudding lodged somewhere in my gut.

Anyway, so here we go again.