I have to leave in about 15 mins to pick G up from the station, so this has to be a quickie. (naughty).

So it’s been a month-ish. It’s the 10th and I hit the month threshold on the 7th – and yesterday I got my weigh in – I’ve lost 8lbs!!! that was in the 10 days since my last weigh in – So for those keeping track of this disaster of a diet – here’s a the rocky road in numbers:

7.10.2013 – Monday – Starting Weight – 240lbs or 17st 2lbs or 109kg

13.10.2013 – Sunday – 234lbs or 16st 10lbs – 106kg (6lbs loss)

23.10.2013 – Wednesday – 230lbs or 16st 6lbs – 104kg (4lbs loss)

30.10.2013 – Wednesday – 235lbs or 16st 11lbs – 106kg (5lbs GAIN?!)

09.11.2013 – Saturday – 227lbs or 16st 3lbs – 103kg – (8lbs loss!!)

I actually think the secret has been – apart from only having 3 packs a day during the 5 days leading up to this, but also water. I’m drinking between 4 and 6 litres a day at the moment with the flavourings and I’m really not struggling with it at all. they’re really very nice!

I’m also tracking calorie counts on MyfitnessPal – find and add me as a friend if you’d like – my username is anthonyjohnmaxwell – but I’ve discovered that I rarely exceed 500 calories and even though this seems somewhat foolhardy, I’d have to say that I’m not feeling massively hungry. I did on Friday, I wont lie, but when I’m sat bored at home habit makes me want to eat.

Anyway, I’ve decided to have a high protein meal on a Saturday if I’ve done well. A little treat, makes the week of powdered crap worth it. If I’ve not done well, then no pork for me. (naughty)

Have a lovely Sunday everyone – I’m off to the gym (haha! Joke, Fuck that!)