So, It’s been donkeys since I’ve actually got off my fat arse and updated this – and yes, readers – you’ll be happy to hear my arse is still fat. In the past couple of weeks my weight had gone up and down more times than a whores knickers. When last I left you I had finally taken my consultants advice to drink loads of water and with the flavourings which could easily be confused with cocaine I’ve been managing it. This was the week leading up to my cousins 50th birthday, so I knew that I’d be going home for the weekend, and boy did I let myself go. I ate so much shit, it was epic. I drank enough gin to even make Patsy from Ab Fab proud. – so pissed out of my face, I carbed up like it was the last time I’d ever eat a roll. the problem didn’t really end with the party and the hangover; in the week when I got back I found out the Microsoft had an Xbox One in town for people to play on – So I was there in a heartbeat, and all buzzed up from that I decided the best way to celebrate was with a Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal, followed by a double cheeseburger chaser. In my defence, I did have a medium size meal.

So when the weigh in came, I didn’t hold back telling Sharon, and you should have seen the look on her face, it was like I’d just urinated on her shoes. Priceless, but then again, I was 5lb heavier. Fuck.

Pumpkin Tits

So renewed determination – and also moving my weigh in to Saturday morning – because one thing I’ve noticed is that I’m gaining a shit load of weight during the day – even on a “good” day. – So that was last week; My next weigh in is this Saturday – which is good because last weekend, I was a Pumpkin Tit – and got dolled up as a Zombie One Direction fan and had a bonza time at a Halloween Party and drank another bottle of Gin with a bottle of Cava. I didn’t eat, which is good. apart from the few handfuls of peanuts. I’ve been getting better, and have also been having 3 packs a day now, instead of 4 – and today, I’ve only had 2 – along with the water it’s going okay – feel like I’m back on track.

This morning I went to smoking club to get some more patches (that’s going quite well too – better than the fucking diet anyway) and the nurse commented that I was looking slimmer in the face. BOOM! So I threw off enough layers so I could ¬†politically correctly get on the scales. I’ve made it back to the weight I was before I went to Bedford. So, It’s not all bad. I’ve also still got 2 more days of eating bugger all until I get my weigh in on Saturday. Also G is back from his holiday Sunday and frankly It would be nice to actually weigh less that I did when he went away 10 days ago.