I’m beginning, actually scrub that, I am already getting quite lazy – but there’s not much that people can write about when it comes to diet blogs – I’m finding it difficult recently not to pick at stuff and this was reflected yesterday when I had my weigh in. I’d lost just 4lbs, so whereas I was 16.5 in the morning, I was 16.6 in the evening. It’s not exactly earth shattering news that we weigh more at night, so I was hoping that when I stepped on the scales on Tuesday, that I’d be at least 16.5, so it was really disappointing for me.

Though I have still lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks, which is actually really great news – I still found that I needed to have a quick word with myself. Choosing to have that quick word whilst riding down a busy road on my bike was probably not the best idea as I nearly went head over tit as I swerved to avoid a white ford focus. How embarrassing.

The thing is that in the last week, I really feel like I’m not committing. During work it’s fine – and when I’m with G I’m fine – But when I’m at home, I just can’t get the “this little bit won’t hurt.. and that bit.. and that bit”, before I know it, I’m gobbling spoonfuls of Golden Syrup, and spraying squirty cream directly into my mouth.

One thing that I have got sorted is my water consumption. Cambridge has this powder that flavours water – a small tub costs like £6, and frankly, looks like cocaine. (from what I’ve seen in the movies anyway) As I’m not allowed to have squash – why? I hear you ask – I have no fucking idea. So the orange is really nice, in fact its quite addictive, but that may be psychosomatic. It’s quite sweet, and you only need a little bit for a full litre of water.

Sharon told me, that the water works with the food to help break down the fat to help your body use it for energy, so with any joy this’ll help me have a better result next week – particularly as I’ve got a family party this weekend and I’m gonna get absolutely destroyed.