When I decided to update this blog on a daily basis, one thing I didn’t consider was, what the hell am I going to write about every day. It’s not like I’ve got an exciting life – It’s not all sex, drug and rock n roll. – More like Pizza, Pasties and cherry coke. So on friday when I was writing my blog, which was going to be on fisting – not in the Norman Lamont sense, but the fact that our stomach is actually the size of a fist and how when it comes to food it’s quite interesting how the human body can adapt – It’s almost as if it wants to be fat. But a couple of paragraphs in and I was actually beginning to bore myself.

However, this weekend I did make a few decisions about how I’m going to continue on the Cambridge Diet and how I’m going to adapt it. It may mean that I won’t be loosing half a stone each week, but it also means that I’m not going to be totally insane before I reach my goal weight.

The most important thing with the Cambridge Diet is to maintain a state of Ketosis. I’ve rambled on about this plenty of times, but it’s true – Ketosis will speed up weight loss and the fat burn is targeted so a person doesn’t loose any muscle. Though, to be fair I do have little girl arms so it’s not like there’s a lot of a muscle to chow down on. So when I do eat normal food, it will need to be very low carb, or carb free.

I also am not going to be eating normal food every day. I’ve invested a lot into this diet, but the idea of swapping a pack for a protein rich meal isn’t going to kill me. It’ also isn’t going to result in me gaining any of the weight that I’ve lost, but I’m going to see it more as a break from the monotony of shakes, soups and pretend porridge.

So this weekend –

Friday, was a normal strict day. Soups, Shakes and Apple Porridge. Boring as fuck. I spend the weekend with G, and I’d planned to eat normal food on the Saturday, so I wanted to make sure I was strict on Friday.

Saturday, I woke up and I wasn’t hungry at all. I had a glass of water – G and I were making a chicken and vegetable curry in the slow cooker from scratch, so we threw in onions, mushrooms, chicken, stock, tomatoes and spices. A whole tin of tomatoes has about 15g of carbs, which isn’t bad. I checked the carbs on all the other ingredients and they were minimal. After we’d put all the ingredients into slow cooker (there was a minimal amount of cornflour too, as a thickening agent. Knowing that I was having this later, I decided that I would only have 1 cambridge product, which I left to the afternoon – So after we popped out and I was feeling really hungry, but I’d not had breakfast, so I had a pepperami. Zero carbs and tasty as fuck.

In the afternoon when I got back, I had a vanilla shake, I’d stupidly forgotten my shaker, so I had a whisk it up in a jug – I did a terrible job, it was really lumpy, but it did the job. I was concious to make sure I kept my water levels up.

For dinner the curry was beautiful. G had his with rice, but I just had the sauce – 5  mins after I’d finished I was on the toilet – and I was on the loo longer than what it took me to eat the meal!

On sunday, I’d decided weigh myself on Glen’s digital scales. Earlier in the week, I’d been fretting because my weight at the doctors was unbelievably low for what I expected. I was right, It wasn’t 16st. 2lbs – I was 16st. 5lbs, so since my last cambridge weigh in I’ve lost 11lbs!

Now – 11 pounds in 13 days is pretty good – Can’t complain with that. I’ve still got my Cambridge Weigh in on Wednesday – so I’ll be really pleased if I can get down to 16-2 by then, I’ll be lucky though!


So I think it’s important, at this point for me to make plans for coming off this diet. I have decided that I will continue this for 5 more weeks or until I reach 14st 5lbs – whichever comes sooner, I’m then going to start eating balanced healthy vitamin rich foods 4 days a week to use the Cambridge packs on 3 days until I’ve reached 14st. I know that Cambridge Consultants preach about the steps – but they are in the business of making money and I would rather loose those last few pounds slower to ensure that I can maintain a weight of 14st when I’m done – though I may change my mind, depending on my progress.


17th October Starting Weight – 17st 2lbs

13th October Weigh in (CWP) – 16st – 10lbs (6lb loss)

20th October Weigh in (home) – 16st – 5lbs (5lbs loss – total 11lbs)


Target – 14st

Target loss 42lbs

Current loss 11lbs

Remaining – 31lbs