So after being a complete drama queen over last nights toast; or as it’s been dubbed on twitter #ToastGate, I woke up this morning with a renewed determination. G and I had plans to go to a video games expo, where I had a go on a PlayStation 4. I knew the day would involve a lot of queuing (and I wasn’t wrong), so I took with me a bottle of water and my protein shaker, so I could make up my lunchtime shake.

So when I say there was a lot of queuing, it was horrendous! We arrived about 90 mins before it opened, and there wasn’t much of a queue – we were then told that because we had got our tickets from Amazon Local that we would have to move to another queue – so as I waited.. and waited.. and waited.. the other queue (which incidentally turned out to be a “priority queue”, I was soon presented with this:


To make things a little more irritating it got colder and colder, I’d also stupidly decided to wear a zip up hoody so I could show off my new Los Santos t shirt, but then felt embarrassed by it. – Anyway, I wonder if standing there, freezing my tits off in the cold can burn calories?

So after finally getting inside, I queued for another hour, to get onto Assassin’s Creed IV on the PS4 – At least it was indoors. I got into the game, and found the controls really hard! basically, I was proper shit – came out and deleted my Assassin’s creed pre-order – so need suggestions for launch titles to get..Dead Rising 3?

So anyway, back to food. Mixed up a Mint Chocolate Shake and It was good at holding my hunger for a couple of hours. We left the Expo and headed back to town, through the Manchester food Market – the smell of the food was, it was, indescribable, Glen, got himself a kebab; but not one of those nasty horse meat ones that you have after 18 pints of stella and a blowjob in an alleyway, it was lean chicken with salad in a wrap with spicy sauce… Best thing to do was to get back to the apartment and have a nap!

Woke and had a butterscotch shake, – I used my protein shaker again, but it was a little grainy.

I’ve been told by many to make my shakes with some ice in a blender, and apparently it’s a bit like a McDonald’s shake. I’ll give that ago tomorrow –

So I ended the day with an Oriental Chilli Soup – with some extra chilli flakes and pepper – It’s by far the best soup.

One thing that the Cambridge consultant has said to me is that it is possible to eat some foods on Sole Source, they call it Sole Source Plus, and I think from time to time if I’m feeling weak then I might opt for this:

So, the foods that I’m allowed are:

1 item from the following list:

170g of chicken or turkey breast (skinless)

180g of tinned tuna in water (not oil)

200g Quorn (e.g mince pieces)

225g cottage cheese, plain reduced fat (less than 2%)

230g cod, haddock or other white fish

185g pre cooked prawns

250g of steamed tofu

2 large eggs

and I can also have 80g of cooked or raw veg (I’ve got a list of what I can have, but it’s Saturday night, and typing it all out is a ballache, suffice to say, it’s all the stuff I used to hate as a kid) – and X Factor is on.. so I’ve gotta dash..

So tomorrow is my official first weigh in! Be sure to check in to find out if all the stress has been worth it, or if #toastgate has ruined me!