As this week has gone on I’ve found more often than not, that I don’t need as much sleep – It’s not like I can’t sleep, but today I woke up with loads of energy. I wasn’t massively hungry – though I could of eaten, but kept to my regime of not having anything until 9am. As I was getting ready for work, I thought I’d do a quick check at what food I have left until I meet with my consultant for my weigh in on Wednesday morning. I’d not really balanced everything out, I bought 7 porridges, so I know that I can have one every day for breakfast, but I’ve been having more shakes than soup – so today I’m stuck with soup soup soup. Which isn’t too bad really, I’m still quite surprised how tasty the vegetable soup I had last night was, oddly i didn’t ask for that, it was supposed to be vanilla shake, but I think Sharon got put it in instead by accident. No harm done, going to be getting some more of them tomorrow.

Since I’d made it to day 5, I thought it would be a good idea to check if I’m in ketosis. Time to piss on a stick. When a person is in Ketosis, as I’ve mentioned before it the body is using it’s own fat stores as the primary source of energy, and since I’m a right fat cunt there is plenty for my body to feast. While in ketosis the body produces Ketones, and these come out through the urine – As a test the end of the stick goes darker..

Unfortunately, I’d not really been told how long to leave it for, just that it would go darker, which is really didn’t if I’m honest. So it seems that I’m probably not in Ketosis. The image is what I was expecting, but I was let down..


But I only showed a ‘trace’ of ketones. So It would seem that my body is only in the very early stages of Ketosis then. I’ve started to wonder if the coke zero has actually had a detrimental effect? the funny thing is though that I seem to have all the symptoms of being in the state – but I guess time will tell. I’ll leave it another 24 hours before peeing on the second stick I have.

For lunch I opted for the Leek and Potato soup, I think I’ve got the mixing down to a fine art now. because it’s a ballache whisking it in a jug and pouring it into a bowl, instead I add the powder into the bowl and using a fork mix with a little water to make a paste – I then continue to add water until the soup is at the right consistency. I had a can of coke zero too. I’ve been drinking more black tea and peppermint tea, I’m having more problems with plain water because I feel like I’m having to force it down. I never had issues drinking water in the past, but I think that because I’ve had to drink so much this week, I’ve kinda overdone it. it’s also been a couple of days since I’ve had a shit – so I’ve gone from not shitting to runny poo every couple of days. After I’m off this diet I’m going for a colonic to get a proper clean out.

As I should be in Ketosis (or Keto as some people describe it as online) I’m becoming obsessed over this whole Coke Zero – Keto subject. There is still no conclusive evidence either way. However I have been reading on some forums that coke zero can inhibit ketosis. So I’ve got a new plan: I’m laying off the Coke Zero for a few days and see if it has an effect.

I left the office early today as I had a property inspection, so after the inspector had come and gone, I did some work, and at 5pm, I made a Leek and Potato soup, afterward – and I don’t know why I had terrible hunger cramps – ignore them, ignore them, ignore them I kept saying..

Off the Wagon

..and then it all went wrong, I made two slices of toast. After I’d eaten them I ran to the bathroom; looked at myself in the mirror disgusted and ashamed. If I was going to make myself sick, then now was going to be the time. I felt depressed – had I ruined all the hard work that I I’d done this week? I’m sure I’d totally ruined any chances of being in Keto and would the next week be like the first week all over again?

I decided not to have my final meal today and to head over to my partners, where I spending the evening. Tomorrow is another day – and I think the fact the as I write this I feel really terrible, means that I will not be falling off the wagon again.

Tomorrow is another day.