Going to bed last night, wasn’t too bad. I think because the shake that I’d made wasn’t too thin, it felt like it had some substance, and when I woke this morning I didn’t feel massively hungry – I wondered if I’d pushed through the barrier, because whereas I didn’t quite feel like the woman in the bodyform advert, I didn’t feel as bad as I had yesterday.

Well that was totally premature because after I’d got into work, I had a massive headache, that just wouldn’t shift. I had some Porridge (maple and pecan) and some water and after a couple of mugs of Peppermint Tea, my headache was still persisting. Thank god I smuggled some 600mg ibuprofen back from Tenerife this summer. I took 2 – and prayed.

It took a while, but my headache did subside, but didn’t go away completely. – At 1pm, I tucked into the Chicken and Mushroom soup, which wasn’t too bad, like the others, it does have a grainy issue – but then again what do you expect from a packet soup (frankly for it to cost less than £2) I also had a coke zero chaser.

I’m getting used to the back tea and the peppermint tea too. When it goes cold it’s proper nasty and I’m terrible for forgetting about drinks. I’m still pissing like a racehorse and I’m finding myself having a quick ganders at the yellowness of my pee, if it’s dark I’m very conscious to make sure that I drink more water.

As today went on, I stopped feeling so hungry and the pains went away – this evening I went to the movies to see Captain Phillips (Great film btw), figured it’ll take my mind of eating. I got home and had a quick shake (butterscotch – lovely, does actually taste a bit like butterscotch angel delight!) I grabbed a bottle of water that I had in the fridge and headed to the movies. You’re not going to believe this. Some fat skank sat next to me with a massive nachos. I could smell the cheese and the jalapeños and boy it made my tummy rumble. As I got into the film, it became much less of an issue. I was more concerned about the fact I really needed a piss and there was about 8 people between me and the isle. I kept thinking to myself, why oh why didn’t I sit over there?! starting at the empty isle seat – I’m an idiot sometimes.

This evening though as my brother got back he asked how it was going, and I said it was strange, I didn’t feel like I was going to go to bed hungry tonight, I had the vegetable soup – added some black pepper (don’t know it that’s allowed) and my bro said that he was amazed at how slim my face looked.

I’m beginning to feel so much better now, and I also got a tweet from a CWP Consultant, say reckons in 24 hours I should be Ketosis! Awesome, bye to hunger and hello to energy!!

Watch this space!!