As I went to sleep last night, I was so hungry and waking this morning my thoughts went to the pain in my belly. I took a look at myself in the mirror. Is my stomach really that large? I looked like someone has pumped me up in the night. I looked and felt bloated. I had some water, but that didn’t seem to help – probably made me feel a bit worse if I’m honest; and got into the shower. As I was drying myself, there was this grumbling sound – was that hunger? Nope. It was the shits come back to remind me that this diet is not going to be easy.

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to step onto the scales until the end of the week, but I couldn’t help myself. I got onto the scales at I was in shock, I stepped off and got back on again. The loss from one day to the next was, let just say, significant. I’m not going to say what is is, as my weight is going to fluctuate as my body adjusts to powered shakes, soup and porridge. The only measurement I’ll take as gospel this the one I have taken on Sunday when I get my weigh in.

I should mention that as far as physical activity goes, I’m not totally lazy. I don’t drive and so I cycle. I’m one of those annoying bike wankers who’ll happily give you the finger if you’re driving in the cycle lane. My office is about 1.2 miles from my home and I also cycle everywhere else if I need to. I tend not to pay for public transport, unless I have to. So I’m not one of those guys who sits all day at work, sits on the couch and sits on the bus.

After I got into work, the hunger pangs had subsided a little, so I the Cambridge “original” porridge. Now lets be fair, it’s NOT porridge – it’s not really anything, It tries to have the consistency of porridge, it’s creamy with, well “bits”; It reminds me of that scene in The Matrix, after Neo has woken and they’re having a synthetic concoction of amino acids, vitamins, minerals – “It’s everything the body needs” – and it looks like runny snot.


I know that the Cambridge Diet was developed by boffins, from Cambridge University (surprisingly) and if you look at the nutritional information, you can see that each of the meals is packed with everything the body needs to function, but also to stay in this state of Ketosis.

Today energy levels are quite low and concentration is a little off the mark, so my body must be going through a state of change. Or perhaps I’m over thinking it again.

At about 12.15 I decided to crack open a can of Coke Zero, The hunger pangs have subsided and if I hasn’t looked at the clock I probably would of thought, oh – nearly lunchtime – because the moment I realised it would soon be time for a feeding, I wanted to eat.

I’ve been afraid to have a soup since the Spicy Tomato incident of Day 1, but today I’m going back to an old favourite. So I’m going for the oriental chilli soup. 137 calories of powdered goodness.

I managed to stretch out the Coke Zero to last about 90 mins. I had the last bit to wash down the soup. The only problem is that I could totally eat another one.

I managed to pick up some peppermint tea from Tesco. Apparently I’m allowed to have herbal teas that are from the leaf, not the fruit. (as fruit has naturally occurring sugars and will stop Ketosis.)

This afternoon, the pains have really started to set in. I have sporadic aches all over the top half of my body, by underarms are hurting, and twangs around my belly, it doesn’t fee like hunger pains, they’re more muscular and my energy levels are dropping, as the day dragged on, I was feeling quite depressed – I’m not sure if it’s the hunger of the last of nicotine, but I’m feeling like a deflated version of myself.

As I got home, I decided to try the Leek and Potato soup, one of the Lactose Free Options. It’s wasn’t too bad. I didn’t bother using the blender this time, and mixed it in the down and added water until it was at the right consistency. It was a little bit grainy, but not not enough to make it unpleasant.

I had a second can of coke zero, which probably wasn’t the best idea in the world; and if I’m being totally honest, didn’t really help my hunger, but having another peppermint tea did. I never thought that I’d be able to get used to the taste of tea with no sugar or milk, but luckily I’m getting a taste for it.

Decided on the Chocolate and Orange evening shake, which I had whilst my brother enjoyed a lovely cheesy pizza. I’m gonna be dreaming of that tonight.