A very strange thing happened to be this morning, After I’d got into the office I could have skipped breakfast – I wasn’t massively hungry at all – So I had to have a word with myself; “Anthony, skipping breakfast got you into this mess, you silly fat sod – Now get your arse into the kitchen and make up that porridge”.

So another Maple and Pecan Porridge, which I poorly guesstimated the amount of water, because it was very stodgy. Still quite sweet, but I’ve started to appreciate the importance of owning a measuring jug. (Note to self).

Whereas yesterday I was feeling very tired and a bit headachy, today I’ve been feeling much more normal. I know I’m not into Ketosis yet – and I’m not going to over think it. That was my problem yesterday – I was obsessing over the 4 hour intervals between feedings and the amount of water that I was drinking. The stress of my own thoughts was doing my nut in.

Today I have decided to be totally rock n roll and introduce some black tea with no sugar into my diet. Tea isn’t as caffeine heavy as coffee, and since I’m removing food and cigarettes from my life, I might as well go the whole hog – Some may call that foolish; and they’re probably right.

Lunchtime came and I’d promised to replace my brothers Primula cheese spread, which at the weekend I basically sucked directly out the tube as a healthy dairy snack, and as I was walking around tesco, looking at all the calorific beauties – Ooh, new doritos dip.. walkers crinkle crisps are 2 for 1, Vienetta only a quid!, I thought, bugger this Anthony, get the hell out of here – quickly remembering a lettuce I’d promised a colleague, I dropped in a prescription and got out of there. After all that stress, a cigarette would have been marvellous. I opted for a NiQuitin Mini – Orange flavour – developed by scientists who have never tasted oranges.

Time to treat myself and on the menu today was the Chocolate Mint Shake. Oh my Lady Gaga – it tastes just like Mint Aero! I added a tad more water 11oz (instead of the 8oz) to make it go further and mixed it up with a protein shaker (I’d recommend the one from My Protein, it had a wonderful wire-springy ball, which helps make a smooth shake in no time) – Apparently the Shaker from Cambridge is bollocks and expensive. Since yesterdays Spicy Tomato Soup nearly had me acting like I had bulimia, I’ll trade in the 2 I’ve got spare for some more Chocolate Mint.

Oh and the cakes my colleagues decided to leave out for me were a very nice touch.  I was strong and didn’t touch them!


It’s quite funny that as I left the office today there were quite a few cakes left. Clearly the Cambridge Diet isn’t just benefiting me, but also fans of cakes!

As the working day was drawing to a close I started thinking about my next shake. I knew I wanted to wait till 5pm to have it, and I was starting to feel the hunger pangs again – I had another black tea and that helped me last through the rest of the day.

After I’d gotten home, I decided to have another shake – Cappuccino flavour – I’d tried this before as a colleague had given me a couple of samples, and I knew how thick it gets, so I made 300ml, I put the powder in the blender first (before you ask, I leave the shaker at work) and then the water, after I’d poured it into the glass I noticed that quite a bit of the mixture has gone under the blades, so my next tip to anyone is add the water to the blender first and the powder afterwards. The shake was still quite thick, so I might add some more water next time to allow it to go further.

The Coke Zero Conundrum 

2013-10-08 18.38.32

I’ve been getting so many mixed messages about whether or not Coke Zero is allowed on this diet. As I write this, I’m looking at the Coke Zero and thinking “should I open it?”, Rather than give myself hernia over this dilemma, I have a look on the forums, and it seems even there people seem not to know. I’m on the first step “Sole Source”, which basically means the minimum I need to stay alive.

There is still no real consensus, though what I have learned is that the consumption of citric acid can throw someone out of ketosis.  What makes Coke Zero different from Diet Coke is that it doesn’t have this fatal ingredient.

In one of the responses a Cambridge Consultant had said the reasons for now advising on Coke Zero is that it’s the Cambridge equivalent of a gateway drug – The carbonated drink can bloat you out and can possibly lead to temptation. So as I write this I think “fuck it”. Lovely Coke. – but then continued to read more posts, and decided to throw most it down the sink. The fear of a shit first week is starting to set in.

Couple of hours after I’ve got home and I’m really feeling hungry. It’s about the time that I would be making a nice dinner, but I don’t want to have my fourth and final meal until later, because the last thing I want is to go to bed hungry.

around 8.20 had my final meal – a Strawberry Shake, I messed up on the quantity again and it was too thin in consistency – It’s now 21.15 and I’m feeling ready for bed.  I will be going to bed hungry, dreaming on a nice French stick with proper butter, bit of mustard and the good ham. #nom

The Shit Bit

So, I started the Cambridge Diet yesterday, and I’ve been pissing like a racehorse, as expected. Now I’d read that one of the possible side effects was Diarrhoea – However it wasn’t until about 2pm today that I’d finally gone for a number 2. I kept feeling like I needed to go, but then.. nothing. Trust me to be on a low calorie diet and I can’t even shit out the waste! – I was glad when it finally happened. Unfortunately. I don’t seem to want to stop. I believe that this will pass as my body gets used to the restrictions in the food I’m consuming. (I did want this blog to be open and honest, I didn’t expect to go on as much as I have though!) So basically; Day 2 and I’ve got the shits. Nice.

So at just over of 1,000 words. I’ll say goodnight. Till tomorrow x