The first day of any diet is a test of a person’s resolve. Take the 5-2 diet for example, when you’re restricted to 500 calories and the hunger is setting in before you go to bed, it’s easy to  just throw in the towel.

Part of the reason that I’ve chosen the Cambridge diet is that I can enjoy 4 meals a day. (if you’re equipped with a vagina, you are allowed 3).

Taking the advice of my consultant, I woke up and poured myself a large glass of water and I felt a small stomach cramp. must be because I normally don’t have anything so early. I think as I get used to this this strange twinge will go away.

At around 8.50 this morning I had the Maple and Pecan Porridge, which I mixed, as per the packet, with hot water stirred and then microwaved for 1 minute. It was very very hot, It was surprisingly sweet and creamy though, it was about half the size of a portion that I would normally have, so by lunchtime I was looking at the clock. Knowing I wouldn’t be having my lunch until about 1pm, I found the time between 12.15 and 1 to be horrible. I kept drinking water, hoping it would make me feel full and I read some stuff on the internet to say that the body cannot distinguish between hunger and thirst – what bullshit! The water, was going down fine, but I was still craving not so much food, but something Savory. For my lunch I had the Oriental Chilli soup, which was gorgeous – really packed with tons of flavour, but it was quite thin, I probably put in a bit much water. I used hot water, as instructed and blitzed it up in a blender until smooth. It did the job and took away my hunger -however I still wanted something, this is the whole mind over matter conundrum – I know my body has been given what it needs – but as I’ve been used to eating bread by the bucket load, my brain keeps saying that it’s not enough.

On thing though that has been really apparent is how tired I am today. I have some aches that I normally don’t have, and my concentration is beginning to wane a little. I think though that a lot of this is psychosomatic.

When I got home, I decided to try the Spicy Tomato Soup. I wont lie, it was fucking disgusting. I tasted like a bland cheap cuppa soup. I used the blender to make it smooth as directed on the packet and it was all foamy. I felt sick and threw most of it away.

In contrast, the Butterscotch Shake, which I had later in the evening was really nice. It tasted a bit like butterscotch Angel Delight (which I love!, and another reason why I’m such a fat bastard) I’m taking that into work tomorrow. Wish I’d bought more of them!

I have been told that one of the drinks that I can have is Coke Zero, so I have been having some this evening and I don’t feel massively hungry. Watching Masterchef Australia  was torturous, however, I keep reminding myself why I’ve started this – to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with my reflection.

Till tomorrow everyone 🙂