So it’s the night before I begin my journey on the Cambridge Diet and I thought it would be a nice idea to jot down a few notes.

Earlier in the week, I’d been given some sound advice from the Cambridge Weight Plan  counsellor as to how best to prepare. I listened to what she said and I took everything on board, and basically spent the week eating shite like it was my last week on earth.

I’ve been half joking,”this is my last proper meal”; When I look back I must of sounded like such a twat to everyone. Frankly, This is no miracle diet, it’s not going to be easy and truth be told, I’ve probably gone and made the next week a lot harder on myself. So was that Madras I had this evening worth it? Fuck yeah.

But then earlier, I was taking the bin out and caught a reflection of my bitch tits (I was wearing more of an ‘indoor’ top). But there they were, staring at  me: Breasts. Fucking breasts. How the hell, and when the hell did I start producing oestrogen. Anyway, it’s given me a bit of a boost and some determination that was probably dwindling. I just stepped on the scales and they were still 17.2st. However, my scales are a bit dodgy, so I’m just going to go by what my Cambridge Counsellor’s scales say – though I might have a look on Glen’s tomorrow night.

I did take a pic as well, as a bit of a before – I’m not sure If I want to share it online. I’m not to pleased about the tits, but also I think I’ll share it when I can place it beside something that makes people go “Wow, doesn’t he look good”, rather than “Jesus Christ, thank god he’s doing this diet, though I suspect Greggs share price may take a battering”.

Anyway, here goes nothing. I’m aiming to update this daily, even if its just a quick to give you an idea of how I’m feeling and how the diet is affecting my day to day life.

Till tomorrow, friends.

But rather than show you my bitch tits, here is a photo a colleague took, if this is what other people are seeing, then I hope this diet does work.

Me, September 19th, 2013