Complete-Health-Clinic-LogoRecently I experienced Colonic Hydrotherapy for the first time. Prior to the treatment, I was very nervous, even though I’d heard a lot about the health benefits of the treatment; my initial impressions were worrying – to put it bluntly, I thought the procedure would be really invasive – laying on my side while a hose is forced into me – Fortunately,  I was very wrong and not only was the procedure a pleasant one, I’m a colonic convert and will return for the treatment again.

The procedure was performed by Helen of the Complete Health Clinic  at the Lowry Hotel and Spa in Central Manchester. Upon arrival, I was impressed by the calming tranquility of the environment. I was offered some lime water while I waited, I managed to complete a couple of levels of Candy Crush and send a few tweets as I was early. As part of the Hydrotherapy package I was offered use of the facilities that the Spa had to offer. On this occasion I was pushed for time, so I didn’t use them, which in hindsight I wish I had!

Prior to the treatment, I sat with Helen and we talked about my diet and what to expect. I’m not the healthiest eater in the world, but I’ve been taking steps to lose weight – such as the 5-2 fasting diet and I’m also considering the Juice fast, which has worked wonders for so many, it seems. For me, my biggest issue is fizzy drinks. I can quite easily drink 2 litres of Dr. Pepper Zero a day (and since they’re only £1 in tesco at the moment, it’s a hard offer to walk away from!)

Helen was very knowledgeable and knew what to expect; she explained that I would have a lot of trapped wind and gas due to the fizzy drinks that I’m addicted to and she explained that the treatment would help to alleviate any bloatedness that I would have been feeling. Helen also explained that the water would clear out a lot of wastage which would be sitting in my colon, but not be forced into the small intestine, as there is a “valve” which is one-way.

After our discussion, Helen left the room while I removed my jeans and pants and got onto the bed with a towel covering my naughty bits. The hose which I had been so worried about had a small attachment which Helen would hold as she controlled the flow of water. It was about an inch and  a half long with what felt like less than an inch in place. It was not invasive at all – and all my fears were quickly put to rest. I was given a choice as to whether I would like to lay in a position where I could observe my wastage in the hose. I refused – for obvious reasons.

Now, I can chat shit (pardon the pun) for hours if I wanted to, and Helen is great at making conversation, so while she’s performing the treatment, It’s hard to think about it, because we were chatting away like to neighbours having a gossip.

The treatment itself, well, it’s hard to describe without being crass. In a nutshell, it feels like a fart that lasts for about half an hour, and in that time 120 litres of water is flushed through my body. When the treatment started it was seconds before waste was being removed. There was also a lot of gas. On my part there was really no effort require whatsoever. I just needed to relax and not force anything as the water was doing all the work.

After the treatment was completed, I went straight to the toilet as my body would still have water inside, also I would have absorbed some of the water too, so I was advised that I would probably need to urinate a bit. I sat in the loo, for a bit and some water came out. With my eye on the clock as I was meeting a friend for drinks, I got up and got changed after I’d expelled some of the excess water. I sat with Helen for a short while and she advised me to take probiotics to help digestion and she also advised that I stay away from fizzy drinks as there was some wastage but a lot of gas.

I met my mate in the pub and after a pint of cider, I went straight to the toilet, I’d not given myself enough time to expel all the excess water – Next time I will be patient!

The whole experience was surprisingly relaxing, but it wasn’t until the day after that I began to really feel the benefit.  I had a really high amount of energy, I’d lost a few pounds too! I had always been quite skeptical of alternative therapies, but I did feel much, well, cleaner. It’s hard to explain, but perhaps the feeling is what normal healthy people who like vegetables feel like?!

Interestingly, I’d felt bloated from overeating in the past – but wasn’t feeling particularly bloated most of the time. I have wondered if that’s because I’d gotten used to feeling bloated. Like a funny smell, once you’ve gotten used to it, it doesn’t smell funny anymore. But I did feel like I’d given my body an MOT – though going straight to the pub and necking a pint of cider is probably not what Helen would advise.

The Complete Health Clinic operates at the Lowry Hotel and Spa and also in Knutsford, Lancashire and is run by Helen O’Brien. Further information can be found on the website – http://www.completehealthclinic.co.uk/