Last year I attempted (and failed) to run 100km in 10 days. I made it to the 6th day before my legs decided enough was enough. I think the problem that I had was that I was trying to complete the distance as quickly as possible and I simply burned myself out. So I’m going to try again, but instead of dashing around the circuit I’m going to attempt to do the distance at a comfortable pace.


As I’m also off on holiday at the end of June it will also help boost the weight loss that I have been attempting. I wonder, is it possible to loose 10lbs in 10days whilst running 10km a day? So, lets have a quick look at the maths: to burn 1lbs of fat means burning 3,500 calories.

2500 calories burned daily just by living!

1000 calories burned through a 10km run

consume 1,500 calories a day (average)

so, with that in mind.. the 10lbs in 10 days seems unlikely, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

I’ll start on Saturday June 1st – to make things a bit complicated, I have plans with friends Saturday night and yes, there will be wine involved!

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