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Within hours of the iPhone 4S being announced in Autumn 2011, rumours started circulating about the iPhone 5. Or as we think it’s going to be called, “The New iPhone”. I for one used to live for Apple rumours, but I have to admit, I’ve started to grow tired of them, and I’ve started to become a little cynical. I have to wonder – Can the iPhone ever be the game changer we want it to be?

The current speculation is that the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen and a smaller port, which will impress some people and piss off other. Yes, if you upgrade to the new iPhone 5, your £250 bose iPhone dock will become obsolete. sort of – if the iPhone 5 does have a smaller connector, I’m sure an adapter of sorts will be designed. (another little revenue source for Apple, who probably will need it with all the mounting legal costs in their many battles with Samsung) -Speaking of Samsung, I keep finding myself drawn to the Nexus and the Galaxy SIII, now I’m a massive Apple fan and I still remember the first time I saw the resolution of the retina display and being totally blow away by it; I’ve even now turned off Siri, the apparent ground breaking feature of the 4S.. I’m also using the beta of iOS6 – and it’s nothing special, the maps are nice – if a simplified version of Google’s and it’s all a bit.. well.. samey – but how “ground breaking” can a phone be – and what will it take for the new iPhone to wow the critics.

1. bigger screen – I read a long time a go the reason the iPhone screen was the size it was is so that you can use it with one had, your thumb can reach the icons in the far corner. Simples – people need their other hand for doing other tasks, like umm.. smoking and ummm… oh, turns out people don’t mind having to use their phone with both hands. Alas the larger screen in welcome – but not ground breaking.

2. More RAM, better memory.. bigger storage space. I use about 6gb of space on my 16gb iPhone. I’ve never needed any more. move along.

3. the ability to NOT drop calls. When I have poor signal (on Vodafone) in an area, I may have 2 bars on my cheap shitty work phone which is a Nokia (with buttons), but my 4S would loose signal completely. the iPhone may be a great piece of technology, but it’s a rubbish phone – perhaps Apple need to get back to basics – a little push out aerial perhaps?

4. A redesign – Apple people want you to know that they have a new phone. Most people who had no choice but to get the black iPhone 4, got the 4S in white – why? Because it looks exactly the Fu*&ing same!! How are people supposed to know you have the latest iPhone unless it’s a different colour. Apple people LIVE for being better than anyone else.

5. Highly customisable iOS. I like the idea of being about to make changes to my home screen. Yes, it’s nice to be able to move apps around and make stacks, but that’s hardly impressive. I want my phone to express what I choose through different designs and themes. Most people who have an iPhone would consider it an extension of their arm.. so lets put a ring on it and make it look pretty. A cheap sequin covered cover does NOT count. One thing Android has going for it, is that you can make it look as cluttered or as tidy as they want. – lets add a bit of colour, eh apple? I love grey and all, but it’s a bit bland.

So none of my ideas are going to make for a ground breaking new iPhone, but alas that’s exactly my point. Until we have that cool hologram thing from Star Wars, there’s little that can please the Apple fan boys. Later this year, they’ll expect the earth to move as they unveil what is essentially just another phone (albeit, an expensive one) and we’ll all want it.