I have been directed to this email through a tweet that I sent earlier today complaining about the lights that have been left on in your stock room.
The store I am referring to is the one in Manchester, on Market Street.
I live in the building which runs parallel to your store and each night my partner and I notice that the stock room lights are left on – the fluorescent lights are shining directly into our apartment – we are on the 5th Floor and night after night are keeping me awake.
A few months back we had written a letter kindly asking for the lights to be switched off if the stock room wasn’t being used late at night, but we never received a response.
Yesterday, I spoke to the duty manager, Helen, who was lovely and she assured me that people were not working nights (currently) and that the lights should be turned off, however last night they were not – which prompted me to complain on twitter.
I understand the general manager of the Store is Ann Latham, however she has not been contactable.
I really don’t want to cause a fuss, living in the centre of town, I get used to the noises at night and the early morning deliveries, I just ask that you are able to please communicate to your staff the importance of turning lights off at night!! I really need a good night sleep!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks
Anthony Maxwell