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After preaching how important it is to have a day off, to allow your body to recover and to enjoy foods that you’ve earned (while keeping in mind your goals) yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling porky and bloated. The Nando’s I had yesterday, and the All-bran I had when I got home really didn’t help and this morning I’d put on nearly 50% of what I’d lost and for the first time I feel disheartened – How is that taking 1 day can ruin the efforts of 4?! I have to admit, that I’d expected my weight to have perhaps flatlined or even gone up slightly.

I have decided that the best way forward is patience. I’m back to the calorie controlled diet of low carb, low far, high protein and I am also taking my supplements again, so I hope that tomorrow morning my weigh-in is a little more encouraging.

I feel that I need to be pushing my body a bit more this week though. I will be doing my using Spinning classes in the evening, but I’m considering the possibility of combining them with other training. I might take in 2 sets of gym clothes and when I’ve ruined the first one during spinning – change and the then do some work on the rower and some running perhaps? I’d love to hear what the readers of this blog think would work.

The gym I train in isn’t large, but the number of members are. I am considering at the moment changing to a different gym, mainly because if I want to do any strength training, I simply am unable too. Even the spinning instructor at the weekend agreed with me that it was pretty “crap”.

I have two holidays coming up at the end of August and September – Lucky me (!) – hence the urgency with my training, however it does mean that I can’t be splashing out on new gym membership until October… So until then, I have to grin and bare it!

I’d also quickly like to thank Saaj from sbfitnessblog who gave me some wonderful tips for training and some great motivational advice. His Jessica Ennis workout video can be seen here