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I love Sundays, It’s the one day of the week were you can be well and truly lazy and no one can judge you, and with the Olympics in full swing, it’s certainly an excuse not to get off the couch.

Today I’m having a break. The decision was dictated this morning as I was in some real pain. My legs felt like they’d fused. I had planned a run, but with a solid 6 days of spinning ahead of me, the only thing I fear is injury (and failure)

This morning I weighed in at 226.4 – I had to get off the scales and recheck, but yes, Since Wednesday I’ve now lost a total of 6lbs which I’m really pleased with.

Having a day off for me has been quite liberating – I’m still very conscious about what I’m eating, but I’m not logging it. It’s important in any dieting and training regime to take a day off, because the regime will start to own you.

The problem the some people can have though with a day off, clearly im generalising, so lets rephrase that. The problem that I had when I took a day off is that I ate about a million calories and pigged out. That’s never good, as I said before,it’s important to not let your training regime own you, but at the same time it should always be a priority. I live on the 5th floor of an apartment block and have made a few changes, like taking the stairs instead of the lift. It’s funny, but it’s these little changes that make a massive difference, last year, when I managed to lose a lot of weight it was because I’d decided to walk to work, instead of taking the bus. it was 3.5 miles to work (and 3.5 back) – walking 35 miles a week was a perfect plan and really helped me to keep trim. fortunately, even though I now live in the city centre, and my new job is about 3 miles away, I’ve not quite got the drive to do it. I’m become a little too familiar with the tram. If I had a bike I may cycle… but doing something that dramatic isn’t necessary. Tomorrow, I will weigh again, but the spinning will continue tomorrow night….