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The story so far…

On Wednesday I weighed in at 232.4lbs and was about to start a 14 days challenge of calorie control, carb control and high endurance cardio. On Thursday morning I weighed in at 229.2; I’d managed to loose 3.2lbs! – On Friday morning (Day two) I managed to down 227.2lbs – that’s another 2lbs. All good… but that was Friday morning and unfortunately.. things were never going to keep up at such a successful and arguable dangerous momentum.

Friday the food intake was a little higher – My spinning class was also in the morning as Fitness First in Manchester (central) oddly doesn’t have an evening class – so I pulled myself out of bed ready for a 7am class, which was pretty good. It was very tough, particularly because I hadn’t eaten. As soon as the class was over I had a protein shake and 2 CLA capsules. I had my customary soup for lunch, but by mid afternoon and 3 cans of Coke Zero, I was feeling really tired… then had some home made chilli for dinner – it was made ages ago and we’d frozen it, I had that with some salad..but then later my partner and I had some healthy snacks, some fresh prawns and some carrot sticks with low fat dips. The full list is available here (Page 1 | Page 2)

The breakdown was 28% carbs 31% Fat and 41% Protein – Calorie intake: 1525 and Calorie burn from spinning 541.

This morning I woke up and weighed, unfortunately, my gorging on snacks, regardless of how healthy they are meant that I weighed in at 228.6lbs, so on my third weigh-in I’d actually put on 1.4lbs however, I’m still down 3.8lbs which is great, but this morning, instead of thinking what a joke, it got me thinking – if I’m going to have treats or I want to get something then I’m going to have to work for it.

So I today, I decided to up the ante on the training and I went to the spin class at lunchtime, there was only 2 of us, luckily – because if it was just me then the class wouldn’t have run, the great thing about being in a class  with just a couple of people is that there is no cheating – the instructor kept pushing and pushing us, so it was a really great programme.

I’d had my heart set on a chinese curry that I was going to make myself, but decided to have it for my lunch and have a small dinner.. I also was mindful of the fact that yesterday, having food outside of what I was planning would cost me, cost me in calories, so I decided that I would do an additional 45 min run which I did this evening. The App though had some GPS problems, so you can cut out the first mile (as it said I did it in 1.18!!) very strange – but that’s the problem with using the Nike + running app for the iPhone in a city, is that if you just set off with the run without waiting for the GPS synchronise..

So, as you can see by the number 5, it sort of shot out – When it happened I had a notification that I’d hit 1 mile in my ear, so have decided for the sake of this to remove a mile and based on my usual calorie burn for this distance, I’d dropped it down to 800, for the 999 given.

It’s pretty annoying and since it had shown I’d broken some personal records, I had no choice but to delete the run from my Nike+ profile.

Tomorrow, Sunday, there is no Spinning at the gym, so I will run, but this time I’m planning on doing 12km. I normally am able to burn over 1000 calories on a 10km run so, this’ll be an extra boost.

So Day 4 – the food intake is 26% Carbs, 28% Fat, 46% Protein – Calorie intake 1527 Calorie burn 1344 (544 of this is from Spinning)

The full breakdown for day 4 is available here

Today, my energy levels were okay, I was peckish earlier after and considered having a third protein shake, but decided against it..

I hope that with all the running today and the spinning that I was able to loose a bit more – but the goal is 10lbs in 14 days and I’m not expecting that every day it’s going to show, but it’s interesting to see what the outcome of intake of a daily consumption and exercise have the following day. After the first week, I will repost all the results and we’ll take a look and try and find any trends – it’ll be interesting to see if this will help make the second week of weight loss a bit more efficient.. and I need to be a bit more disciplined.. treats seems to be having a really bad effect on my progress at the moment!