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For the last 3 days I’ve been going to a spin class – if you’ve been following this challenge, in a nutshell, I’ve decided to give up on strength training for the next few weeks in a bid to try and loose 10lbs. I’ve vigorously going to be trying to cut carbs out of my diet and have replaced my usual morning porridge with a protein and ending each workout with a protein shake – soup for lunch, replacing sugar with low calorie sweetner and also I’ve been taking CLA supplements to encourage fat burning during my training regime.

So, the challenge started yesterday morning and I weighed in at 232.4lbs. I had done a Spin class the night before, just so the shock to my body wouldn’t be too bad, and I’m glad I did, because that class was pretty easy – the last two have been off the scale, I have literally been soaking the bike with sweat and, have purposefully been pushing up the resistance in the a bid to burn a few extra calories.

My food intake on day one broke down as:

Carbs 30% – Fat 17% – Protein 53% -Total Calorie intake 1177 – Spin Class Calorie burn – 553

On day two, the break down is

Carbs 17% – Fat 26% – Protein 57% – Total calorie intake 1145 – Spin Class Calorie burn – 545

I’ve been relying on the app MyFitnessPal as to the accuracy of this and I’ve pretty confident – though I doubt the calorie burn from the spin class is accurate because it doesn’t seem to take into account the resistance that I put on the bike – However for now, we’ll go with what the app says.

My energy levels have been surprisingly quite good. I’ve not really felt fatigue. I will admit today before I went into my spin class I was watching the Olympics on the TV and suddenly felt a little weak. It passed quite quickly though. I’d also made a change – on the spin class on day one, I’d been using For Goodness Shakes Nectar – a great isotonic drink which I buy in concentrate, it’s perfect for the distance running which I also really enjoy from time to time, but it does contain 120 calories, 30g carbs -of which 24g is derived from sugar – so I have decided to use water for the duration of the experiment.

Here’s the good news – It’s already paying off – this morning I weighed in at 229.2lbs, so in 24 hours I have lost  3.2lbs!! Now I am not pretending at all that this is going to be consistent, so tomorrow morning, I doubt I would have had something quite so encouraging, but it’ll be interesting is the ratio of protein:carb in my diet will alter my progress. I will be keeping all this information, including a full log of what I eat – so hopefully, if this is combined with Spin Classes, others who wish to take on The Great Spin Challenge will be able to also loose 10lbs in 14 days — or even more!!

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