Okay, I’m not going to moan about the fact that I’ve pretty much managed to put back on all the weight that I lost in half the time. I think that my training and diet regime has been both over ambitious, unattainable and difficult. Let me explain how it’s all gone wrong.

1. I cheat, it’s good practice to always have a day off your diet. The problem is that when I have a day off my diet, I eat the equivalent of an entire pig cooked in a vat of treacle, followed by willy wonka’s chocolate factory. Consuming a weeks worth of calories on 1 day off oddly enough ruins everything. I would weigh (for example) 230lbs on Monday – by Friday I would get this down to 226lbs then by the following Monday I would be at 232lbs!!

2. Rome wasn’t built in a day. In the 10 months in took me last year to loose 40lbs, I kept saying to myself, “easy does it”, I found my feet when running and over built up my strength, Cardio became fun and about 4 months into my training I was spinning 2 – 4 times a week. It was the spinning that quickly increased my weight loss. The intensity and endurance worked a treat. This time I’ve been taking in protein and weight traning along with cardio and it’s not working. I need to consume as few carbs as possible and increase my protein and combine this with cardio – I’m going to not bother with strength training for a month or so, until I can see and feel the difference – I think turning fat into muscle is a complete myth – my new strategy includes taking care of the fat – burning half of my goal then and only then will I start strength training.

3. Diet. I’ve been consuming too many carbs. The best way to cut any necessary carbs is to log everything I eat. I will do this using the app MyFitnessPal

4. Poor training regime. Monday, I would do a chest workout and I’d be in pain for days and thus avoid going back until Thursday. This is lazy. Pain is good.

I went to a spinning class last night, it wasn’t quite 45 mins of hell, so I hope there is a better instructor tonight – but I’m going to try a new strategy – I am going to boost my weight loss and boost my confidence, but doing plenty of cardio and core work over the next fortnight in a bid to loose 10lbs. This is 5lb a week.

In the mornings for breakfast I will have a protein shake – this is 200 calories and includes 48grams of protein and less than 3grams of carbs. I will replace all sugar in my diet with zero-calorie sweetner and drink a lot more water. Soup will be my new best friend and will also eat protein and will remove all yolks from my eggs.

I will attend a spinning class every day – If it’s full I will run and/or use the rowing machine.

I will take CLA supplements. I will blog about these separately soon.

after each spinning class I will have another protein shake – it will give me another 48grams of protein and will also give me the water I require for rehydration.

This morning I weighed 232.5lbs..

Please check back in a few days to see how I’m getting on… I will blog through this challenge, reporting on energy levels, possible protein induced flatulence (lovely) and any cravings I may have had.