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As we have all seen equal marriage is now all over the news. Nick Clegg, the deputy PM, finally did something useful recently and made a public declaration of support of the Out for Marriage campaign. These are exciting times – the world is changing and as people declare the support for equal marriage, those who do not support this change are coming across as bigoted, backwards and most importantly out of touch.

I’ve seem some strange things in the news over the recently weeks, Christians in America have decided that homosexuality is now responsible for the death of the dinosaurs. (which kinda of contradicts their own religious belief that the world was created in 6 days – go figure)

Catholic schools have been “encouraging” pupils who are under the age of 16 to sign a petition urging the government to stop their plans for equal marriage. [SOURCE] Not only is this act against the Education code, but it’s hideously barbaric. How on earth can it be right for a teacher to tell a child that homosexual relationships are “unnatural” – Section 28 was repealed years ago. The Catholic Church has basically instructed their schools to break the law, and in doing so is also nurchering a group of children into hating others. What I found even more disturbing is that when children as young as 11 are being told him, Michael Gove, the Education Minister (and an opponent of the equal marriage movement) ruled that these actions did not break any rules.

Michael Gove should Resign.

I have some serious issues with the Catholic Church, and it’s doesn’t begin and end with its stance on homosexuality. Most religions don’t like us gays, that much is a given. But the Catholic Church, who has over 1 BILLION members, seems to be intent on holding on to some values that do not apply to modern society. An organisation that is shrouded in secrecy and sexual shame. However rather than focus on that, I want to focus of how ludacrus the opposition arguments against equal marriage have been getting.

The other day, I saw an article on the guardian’s website which reported on a glossy flyer that was produced by Keep Marriage Special campaign which warned those that equal marriage will equate to “the legalisation of incest and polygamy.” About 50% of me is laughing at how silly this is, however 50% of me is frightened. I’m scared because people can be naive, and some will be gullible to actually believe the nonsense that others write. Language is more powerful that a weapon of mass destruction and the church has a long memory and has more experience than most when it comes to patience and the manipulation of opinion. People seem to forget that the pope himself was a member of the Hitler Youth.

I don’t hate the church. I don’t harbour any feelings of regret to the people of the Kings Arms Church in Bedford who turned their back on me when I came out, and I don’t hate those who told me that being gay was an attack of the devil; but as the world has changed, I feel that the church needs to change with it. They may not want to perform a same sex marriage ceremony, and that’s fine – that’s their choice. but this is civil marriage that we’re talking about and when religious groups start to make scathing and dark accusations, scaremongering because they can’t make a reasoned argument, they only achieve one thing – proving to the wider population that they are no longer relevant in a developed and