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The problem with a Prometheus, and The Dark Knight Rise, which opens in July is that the expectation of their directors, Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan respectively, is going to be incredibly high.

You have to ask yourself, Can the films ever be as good as I want them to be?

The reviews of Prometheus have started to roll in, and I’m avoiding them. I clicked onto Empire Online earlier today and the review for Prometheus, warned of spoilers. I was very tempted to continue to read, and already knowing the star rating given (I wont spoil it, but you can read the review for yourself here if you want to) – got me wondering, if it’s possible for a fan of the Alien movies to ever be truley satisfied with the new film.

Prequels are tricky – Take the Star Wars films, a crime to science fiction many will say – but I remember thinking at the time, if I was a young kid watching The Phantom Menace, without any real knowledge of the original trilogy, i’d probably of liked it – as it stands I thought it was alright – the Pod Race sequence was spot on the even though it went on it wasn’t that bad, but for many it was a crippling disappointment.

When I was stood in line waiting to see Attack of the Clones, Empire asked me what my thoughts on The Phantom Menace were, and I pretty much made a fool of myself (BTW she was CLEARLY not my girlfriend)

I think there will be a lot of negative reaction to Prometheus, because expectations are so high – regardless of how good it is. When I went to see Avengers Assemble recently, I didn’t go into the cinema expecting a fantastic film, I’d heard good things – but I’d not read a review and just knew the opinion of Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode – but I loved it, perhaps because I had what Mark Kermode describes in his book The Good, the bad and the multiplex as “diminished expectations” perhaps the film isn’t actually that good – and the real test will be on blu ray later in the year.

I also remember seeing The Blair Witch Project in 1999, A friend of mine had got a bootleg copy of the film on video – it was a really dodgy copy, but in the end wasn’t very different from the final release! At the time the film scared the shit out of me – and i’d heard it was all real – then about 4 months later the hype hit – everyone knew about the film and all went into the cinemas, prepared to be shocked and terrified – but they all left thinking the film was shit – I don’t think this is a case of diminished expectations, more of a case of the film suffering as a reaction to it’s own popularity.

I’m glad I was born in 1981 – The Empire Strikes Back is one of my favourite films, but I doubt for a second I would have been able to get though all the hype without realising the Darth Vador was Luke’s dad. This marvellous twist in the story which would eventually lead to the  unearthing of the underlying incest which is missing from most sci fi films (lols)