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On Friday, Prometheus – the long awaited sort-of-prequel to Alien, one of my all time favourite films is being released. I already have got my tickets and I’m itching to see it.

The problem is that being so excited about seeing a film such as this, is that I’m drawn to trailers and reviews and I’m in danger of spoiling it for myself. But in an age of instant news, social media and trailers that basically give the whole plot away, is it possible to even avoid ruing a film? – As a massive fan of Kermode and Mayo’s film review (Hello to Jason Isaacs) I was interested to hear that Mark Kermode has been trying to avoid anything about the film – even leaving a screening to avoid a trailer.

The problem I’m having is that I’m caught up in the hype and could have probably totally ruined the film.

However, luckily even though I’ve seen plenty of variations on the trailer and I’m also away that the links to Alien are minimal at best, I still don’t really know anything about the film. But I think, as reviews are now being published – over the next 48 hours I’m going to try to avoid reading anything.. and then see if I agree on Friday night..