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I’ve just read an article that I feel I must comment on, but I frankly 140 characters just isn’t enough for me to describe how APPALLED I am at the words of Junior defence minister, Gerald Howarth.

He has attributed the devastating blow to the conservative party a reaction to their “proposals to allow gay and straight couples equal access to civil marriage”

Well, this is the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard.

First of all, and this is important, we do NOT have a conservative government. We have a hung parliament, formed in the “national interest” The number of people who oppose gay marriage based on every single poll cites that they are in the extreme minority. Every major newspaper (apart from the mail and the express, but what do they know?) supports the right for equal marriage.

Mr Howarth is man who is full of hate, and an uncompassionate man who does not believe that all men are born equal. He preaches we are in a “christian country”, but he does not have the compassion that his saviour exercised.

His attitude has altered in recent years, where is has publicly said that “some of his best friend are in civil partnerships” however his continual hatred of the idea that gay people deserve the same equalities proves one thing – his best friends need to remove him from facebook.

Basically, I do not think that equal marriage between people really is that big an issue outside of the church. People I work with know that I am gay and wouldn’t deny me the right to marry the person I love, and in fact plenty of Christian people also feel the same.

I want to turn your attention, briefly, to what I said yesterday about compulsory voting in Australia – it forces the government to act for the wider community and not to just worry about the people who vote.

these comments are perhaps as a reaction to the people who have defected from the conservative government to UKIP, and I’ll admit there is an argument there – however I feel that this defection is less about gay marriage and more about the European financial crisis.

Chris Bryant MP (Lab) has described Gerald Howarth as “Barking” and he’s absolutely right. He should not be a defense Minister if he believes that the gay people who give their lives in the defense of this country do not deserve the same legal rights.