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In the space of about 18 months, I’ve become a yo-yo dieter and exerciser.

So a little bit of back story:

I used to be quite a big lad, I was up to 17st at my largest and I think in about 2005, I was pushing 18 – so I decided enough was enough. I was single, I couldn’t get a man and I was depressed. I found myself following people around and being a “wing man”, I was used by those who needed some light comic relief. So in Jan 2011, I decided to turn it around and I started running.

and I got quite good, I managed to go from a 40″ waist to a 32″ and managed to get down to about 88kg, I also run a half-marathon with a time of 1.47.12.

After I did my run, which I was really pleased with, I stopped – I took a few days off and then it just got longer and longer, Christmas came and went, I quit smoking on January 1st and a couple of weeks I weighed myself to see that I’d gone back to 16st. (102kg) — I can’t quite believe that in such a short period time time I’ve managed to undo all the good work that I had done.

So I’ve gone back to the gym and I’ve been running again, and I’ve been running 10km at a time and burning around 11 calories. my 10km time (all time best is 50.25) and when I started back on the treadmill, my time had dropped to 62.17 – I’d managed to put 12 mins onto my time – I’ve been working hard though and in under 3 weeks have run 8 10km runs which have burned 8739 calories. I’ve been watching what I eat, though I’ve had a couple of slips where I’ve had a bit of a binge – but my time has dropped to a best of 51.15 – the aim is to be able to run 10km in 45 mins by the end of June.

So when I weighed last week, I was pretty disheartened to learn that I’d not actually lost anything!! I’m not sure why; so from today I’m logging all the food that I eat and keeping track using the same app I used before “My fitness Pal”, it’s now May 1st and I have a wedding in 26 days.

It’s game on – and I’m going to lose (weight, if it fuuuucking kills me)

Watch this space