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Below is a table recording my running for April 2012. I Only started to log my runs on April 10th, and I decided that I would run a minimum of 10km. The reason for this is that If I leave the gym and I’m feeling pretty fine, I don’t see like there was much point in me being there. I have been doing some strength training too, but I’m not really fond of it, because I think most of the people who train around me are just rude. I’ve been using a barbell and a personal trainer will come along and take it off me – and because I’ve got manners, I don’t say anything. I am going to ask my personal trainer to develop some strength training that I can do at the weekend, when everyone is hungover, I may be able to do what I need to do.

Anyway, back to running and I’m happy with this, I’ve not really been running for about  6 months, but I have a 10km in 45min aim – I think as I loose weight I’ll find it easier, I’ve started (from today) logging everything that I eat, I’ll have an analysis for you in a fortnight or so.

In the meantime – here is my progress….

I run a total of 80.8 km and burned 8,739 calories from this activity alone.