So for the millionth time, it seems, I am giving up smoking and the reasons aren’t health related, they’re two fold really – my boyfriend doesn’t smoke and whereas it doesn’t bother him, I know he’d rather I didn’t  smoke and secondly, £7.25 for a packet is just ludacrus, I’m spending over £120 a month on smoking and it’s not like I earn enough to sustain the habit, so I’m giving  it  up…

I had my last cigarette yesterday at 9.30pm and it’s now 1 in the afternoon, I have this Nicorette QuickMist which you spray into your mouth, much like a freshner, and it gives a massive hit – taking the itch away – and it does work, I was finding myself getting wound up and very tetchy earlier and even as I write this I am feeling the same… **Stops for a quick spray**’s a bit like a vicious psychological circle, when I stop myself for acting like (and lets be fair) like a bit of a twat, I come to the conclusion it’s the lack of cigarette that it causing my short temper. So the quickmist is working, but the problem is the side effects. I get the worst hiccups with it. They last between 5 and 15 minutes and according to the website are a normal side affect to NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy)

According to @lifecoach on twitter the physical addiction to nicotine only last for 3 days and it’s the mental addiction the I have to contend with. I’m going to give the spray a few days and if my tetchy mood continues get some patches, as they may help calm me down.